Staff Monthly Get Togethers

Hi All,
I mentioned that the first “Get Together” will be on Wed 28th September from 4-5.30pm at NALC in the sportshall.
You can pop in at any time, leave early if you need. Come alone, bring a friend, bring the whole staff.
We are going to have a game of PICKLEBALL – a mix of tennis and ping pong. Play in pairs, plenty of fun, no medals or league tables – just a social game!!
We’d love some future ideas of Get Togethers (last week of each month-day can be rearranged) – Paddleboarding and open water swimming in Escomb lake was mentioned. Please feel free to drop a note with a potential idea. Thanks 🙂


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Share your ideas for active classroom breaks

As explored in today’s Subject Leader meeting please see below a link to the Active Blast we tried…

Shout out board!

Please use this post to “shout out” or say thank you to someone in our community.  It could be a member of staff from another school that was beneficial, a group of leaders at an event that shone or a member of our team that gave an excellent service.  Let’s celebrate how we support and help each other!

What are the key priorities for PE, School Sport and Physical Activity this academic year?