Create more SMILES with Go-Well

3.8 million children do not meet daily activity levels

Children from deprived areas are more likely to be unhappy with their mental health

Those from least affluent backgrounds are the least active

Unhappiness is the top issue for children today

We can help change this for children in your school.

Our approach to PE, school sport and physical activity is based on SMILES and with SMILES your pupils will be smiling too.

Provide a high quality PE curriculum and EYFS offer

Provide opportunities for pupils to move regularly throughout the day

Provide opportunities for personal challenge and leadership

Provide education and tools to foster good physical and mental health - highlighting the link between the two

Provide an environment where children enjoy their experiences of being active

Provide the SMILE elements in a well-rounded offer to all children to allow them to See a Healthy Active Future

We can work with you to review your PE curriculum to ensure it meets the SMILES benchmark
or we can look at how you can develop individual elements, such as how to integrate physical
activity into the whole school day, as you work towards creating a PE curriculum that SMILES.

Get in touch to talk about how we can work together or have a look at our brochure for the
different products, programmes and services we offer.